Mrs Francoise LOTERY
DipM, D.Hyp, MNCH (Acc), MASC (Ad.Psy.), MASC (NLP), BSY (Sp.Psy), UKCHO Reg,

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  • The Therapy

    A course of therapy will include various techniques:

    When the client is in a state of hypnosis which can be summarised as deep relaxation of body and mind plus concentration and increased awareness, suggestions are given to the client to alleviate problems.
    These suggestions are always discussed with the client before the actual hypnosis.
    As explained earlier, during hypnosis the power of the mind is used to release stress, anxiety and fears, to remove negative thoughts and unwanted behaviours and to alleviate a wide range of stress-related problems.

    As far as psychosomatic conditions are concerned the client will be asked to check with a GP whether the complaint has a medical cause before undertaking therapy.

    Non-evaluative Analysis
    Many problems are brought about by the continuous misinterpretation of current and past events in life. Analysis helps the client to understand reactions to such events and gives increased self awareness and the ability and confidence to react more positively to future events.

    Other techniques can be used such as NLP or EFT and this is always done with the agreement of the client.

    Each therapy session lasts 50 minutes and all hypno-suggestion sessions are taped live and the tapes are given to the client to listen to on a daily basis for maximum benefit, Analysis sessions are not taped.
    Longer sessions of 90 minutes are used for Smoking Cessation in ONE session and for regression. These sessions are NOT taped.

    Sessions can be taken on a weekly, or fortnightly basis or with longer periods in between, whichever the client wishes.
    All sessions are by appointment only.
    For cancellation or postponement of sessions a 48 hour notice is required failing which the full session fee will be due.

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