Mrs Francoise LOTERY
DipM, D.Hyp, MNCH (Acc), MASC (Ad.Psy.), MASC (NLP), BSY (Sp.Psy), UKCHO Reg,

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    The words 'Life coaching' are becoming more and more familiar to all of us everyday but the actual meaning behind the words and what they represent is not always clear. Basically it is one person helping another to achieve his/her potential and turn dreams into reality.

    What is Life Coaching ?

    It is a process carried out over a number of sessions during which the life coach will support, guide and motivate the client, or coachee, in the pursuit of a goal which will change his/her life for the better.

    Once the client has defined the goal - if need be with the coach's assistance - the role of the coach is to help the client access:
    - Where he/she is now
    - Where he/she wants to be and how to get there
    From then on the coach will keep the client on track along the journey towards achieving the goal.

    The coach does not dictate or instruct but leads clients to explore new ways of thinking and acting, to develop existing skills and learn new ones if necessary.
    Above all the coach guides the client in discovering existing inner resources/strengths and how best to use them.
    For example if a person does the same thing in the same way, using the same skills he/she will always get the same results !
    The coach will invite the client to consider making changes in what is done and how it is done so that the outcome is different and is the one desired.

    The coaching process is a temporary association between the client and the coach which ceases when the clients' goals are reached. Both sides need to be fully committed to the outcome of the process. The coach offers support and guidance but cannot do the 'work' for the client.

    The approach is holistic and if the client wishes various aspects of his/her situation can be explored in total confidentiality. However it is important to be precise here that Life Coaching is NOT in any form therapy, counselling or hypnotherapy. Its focus is the present moment, future goals and ways to achieve those. Clients are never forced to talk about matters they want to keep to themselves but if they wish they can raise any issues.

    Life coaching is carried out through a series of individual coaching sessions held at regular interval, the number of sessions will depend on the client's needs and rate of progress, twelve is a fairly normal maximum and four sessions is the minimum.

    When is Life Coaching needed ?

    Everyone of us, at one time, has felt motivated to change and/or to reach a specific goal after an uplifting seminar, or an eye-opening discussion with friends/partner/family member or after reading an inspiring self-improvement book...
    Then what happens ??
    Left on our own we find it increasingly difficult to be motivated, then determination fades, interest dwindles, excuses creep in and eventually we give up..

    With life coaching the story ends differently as client's motivation is kept alive, self-belief is reinforced and the coach guidance ensures that progress is maintained until goals are reached.

    Anytime there is an aspect of your life where you feel-and-wish-you could do better but dont know where to start and how to proceed life coaching will show the way to success.
    Your goals might be precise or vague, huge or minor the coach will help you but will never tell you what your goals should be !
    Goals can be in any areas of your life:

    -Personal relationships
    -Social life
    -Hobbies/Leisure activities
    -Self improvement

    Whether your goal is specific ( 'I want to be the Managing Director of my company' 'I want to learn to speak Italian' 'improve my golf handicap' 'stop smoking' 'lose weight' 'get fit' ) or more general ( 'I want to be more confident at work/at home or in social situations' 'I want to be a better partner/parent' ) LIFE COACHING IS HERE FOR YOU !
    The life coach is a mentor, a confident, a friendly & reassuring presence and a support who will help you to get where you want to be and to realise your ambitions.

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