Mrs Francoise LOTERY
DipM, D.Hyp, MNCH (Acc), MASC (Ad.Psy.), MASC (NLP), BSY (Sp.Psy), UKCHO Reg,

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    There are many misconceptions about hypnotherapy and clarifications to questions often asked are listed below:

    Are there people who cannot be hypnotised ?
    No. The depth of trance varies from person to person but it does not affect the effectiveness of therapy.

    Shall I be aware of what is happening during hypnosis ?
    Yes. You are in a deep state of relaxation and concentration but you do not lose consciousness and you are not asleep. An hypnotic trance is similar to daydreaming.

    Are drugs or tablets used ?
    None at all.

    Can I be hypnotised to do something against my will or nature ?
    Absolutely not ! You would come out of the hypnotic state immediately should any such action be suggested to you.

    Is hypnosis addictive ?
    No. It is a skill of communication that helps you tap into the power of your mind, it is a tool for self improvement.

    Is hypnotherapy dangerous ?
    No. More and more medical practitioners, psychiatrists and dentists are recommending it as a safe and effective alternative therapy.

    Will I disclose hidden secrets ?
    No. Under hypnosis you are aware of what you are saying; if you chose to, you can tell a lie in a trance state as you could in a state of full consciousness !

    Am I under the control of the therapist ?
    No. The therapist is only a guide to help you achieve your goals.

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